SBR will address three major challenges that have limited the treatment of large bone defects in the past:

  • The design and fabrication of a smart biodegradable membrane that possesses bone guiding regeneration properties
  • The implementation of a novel, hybrid approach towards intelligent bone regeneration in large bone defects
  • The capability to offer new treatment capabilities of such challenging clinical conditions as large bone defects, non-unions and bone voids

To overcome these limitations, SBR targets:

  • Improved treatment options for patients with large bone defects through a targeted resorbable bone implant based on 3D-printed polymers and advanced technologies for controlled delivery of active molecules to accelerate bone regeneration
  • The design and development of a novel implant to be applied around the bone gap as a containment system for bone graft materials and as a host matrix for viral carriers and stem cells to guide bone regeneration
  • The development of a bone regenerative solution that is minimally invasive in terms of clinical routines and workflows
  • Preclinical studies to achieve an in-vivo proof of concept within the project lifetime of four years