SBR progress meeting 2023 in Berlin

On 15th and 16th of May 2023, the SBR consortium came together for its third progress meeting in Berlin, Germany. The progress meeting, hosted by the project partner Eurice, facilitated discussions of current activities, findings and work completed, and also ensured that the scientific work and future collaborations are aligned for the remaining project duration.

The first day began with a summary of the scientific findings from the SBR coordinator. This session was followed by in-depth discussions and presentations on the necessary details of specific materials and protocols required for upcoming experiments. This day also included extensive discussions on the status of the work completed thus far.

The second day was primarily focused on regulatory aspects of the project in addition to management, dissemination, and exploitation updates. The meeting’s final session summarised key action points and the next steps. During this session, all partners within the SBR consortium were able to address challenges within various work packages.

SBR’s third project meeting served as an adequate and constructive environment that fostered fruitful and productive discussions that allowed the opportunity for clear action plans for the project’s future.

The SBR consortium